Jamila Jamie

Holistic Health Expert, Energy Psychologist, Spiritual Guide, & Mentor

With over two decades of dedicated practice and a heart-centered approach, Jamila Jamie is a renowned Holistic Health Expert, Energy Psychologist, and Spiritual Guide. Their journey in the realms of alternative healing and personal transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Jamila Jamie’s expertise extends to various healing modalities, including Homeopathy, Life Energy Medicine, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Hormone Balancing with Homeopathy and Flower Essences. They are not only a Reiki Master but also a practitioner of Angelic Life Coaching and Communication, delving into the spiritual dimensions of healing.

As an Orthomolecular Medicine Practitioner, Jamila Jamie specializes in facial analysis to pinpoint mineral deficiencies, a unique approach that aids individuals in their journey toward healing and well-being. Their insights are invaluable in creating personalized healing plans that address the root causes of health issues.

As a Medical Intuitive, Jamila Jamie’s natural gifts have been honed under the guidance of experts like Lynn Waldrop, making them a beacon of insight and healing in the field. Their knowledge extends to Herbalism, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT), providing clients with a holistic approach to well-being.

Jamila Jamie is a licensed Modern Stress Management Professional, EFT Master Practitioner, and Modern Energy Trainer. They share their wisdom as a Trainer and Coach across various Modern Energy modalities, empowering others to lead fulfilling lives.

As a practitioner and teacher of the Quantum Alignment System, Jamila Jamie holds the esteemed title of Teacher Practitioner Level 3, with additional specialization in Quantum Abundance, Business Alignment, Health, and Relationship modalities. This mastery in the Quantum Alignment System reflects their commitment to harnessing the power of quantum energy for the betterment of individuals and communities.

With a profound understanding of Human Design, Jamila Jamie has reached Specialist Level 4 and offers guidance as a Relationship Coach, Family Coach, and Parental Educator. Their work in Human Design and The Quantum Alignment System has touched countless lives.

Additionally, Jamila Jamie is a Minister with affiliations to the Divine Order of the Sacred Rose and the Homeopathy Congress, embodying spiritual and healing principles.

With a heart full of compassion and a mind filled with wisdom, Jamila Jamie continues to touch lives through their healing work, training, and guidance. They are a beacon of light for those seeking holistic health, personal growth, and spiritual transformation.

My Passion

Passion for Energy Medicine and Personal Healing

My unwavering passion lies in the realm of energy medicine and the profound transformation it offers. For over two decades, I have dedicated my life to understanding and harnessing the innate power of the human energy body. It is a journey that resonates deeply with my heart, where I’ve witnessed the remarkable potential for personal healing and growth. My mission is to guide individuals on their unique path towards well-being by tapping into the intricate web of energy that flows within us. I firmly believe that through holistic approaches, the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, and the wisdom of energy modalities, we can unlock the door to profound healing and self-discovery. It’s my privilege to walk alongside those seeking balance, vitality, and spiritual awakening, as we embark on this transformative journey together.

My Goals

  1. Empower Individuals to Reclaim Vibrant Health: My primary goal is to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being by identifying and correcting mineral imbalances. By addressing these imbalances, we can lay the foundation for vibrant physical health and energy.
  2. Heal Emotional Blocks and Traumas: I am deeply committed to helping people heal from emotional blocks and past traumas that may be hindering their personal growth and happiness. My goal is to guide them on a transformative journey towards emotional healing and resilience.
  3. Rediscover Your Core Essence: One of my core objectives is to assist individuals in rediscovering their core essence and authentic selves. Through energy medicine and holistic practices, we work together to peel away the layers of conditioning and societal expectations, allowing them to embrace their true identity and purpose.
  4. Foster Empowerment: Ultimately, I aspire to foster a sense of empowerment in each person I work with. My aim is for them to not only regain physical and emotional balance but also to step into their lives with confidence, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose. I want them to leave our sessions feeling empowered to create the life they desire.

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