My Education

My training and education are described below:

  1. Homeopathic Training Ci-Hom (200+ hours)
  2. Life Energy Medicine (80+hours)
  3. Quantum Alignment System Teacher Practitioner level 3 (500+ hours)
  4. Quantum Alignment System Quantum Abundance Specialty training
  5. Quantum Alignment System Quantum Business Alignment Specialty Training
  6. Quantum Alignment System Quantum Health Specialty Training
  7. Quantum Alignment System Quantum Relationship Specialty Training
  8. Flower Essence Practitioner Training CFEP (100+ hours)
  9. Facial Analysts & Tissue Salt Consultant Master level (200+ hours)
  10. Hormone Balancing with Homeopathy and Flower Essences (specialty training)
  11. Traditional EFT- Angels Teach University
  12. Reiki Master a practitioner
  13. Angelic Life Coach- Angels Teach University (14-month training)
  14. Angel Communication Master- Angels Teach University (6-month training)
  15. Angel Communication Specialist- Angels Teach University (3-month training)
  16. Human Design Specialist level 4- Trained under Karen (Curry) Parker
  17. Human Design Relationship/Family Coach training- Trained under Karen (Curry) Parker
  18. Human Design Parental Educator- Trained Under Karen (Curry) Parker
  19. Healing By Human Design – Trained under Karen (Curry) Parker
  20. Homeopathy for Animals (specialty training)
  21. Herbalism for Animals (specialty training)
  22. Herbalism- Mentor Susun Weed
  23. Hypnotist
  24. NLP Practitioner
  25. Medical Intuitive – a natural gift but honed my skills under Lynn Waldrop
  26. Minister- Divine Order of the Sacred Rose
  27. Minister- Homeopathy Congress
  28. +Heart Facilitator
  29. Spontaneous Transformation Technique Practitioner
  30. TFT-Algo Thought Field Therapy
  31. GRTC Therapy Practitioner- Deep training in deep cellular repair and restoring physical balance though mineral replacement and organ balancing.
  32. Chiropractic Assistant
  33. Modern Stress Management Professional- Licensed Member of The GOE
  34. EFT Master Practitioner- Licensed member of The GOE
  35. Modern Energy Trainer for GOE – Licensed member of The GOE
  36. Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Trainer
  37. Energy EFT Master Practitioner
  38. EMO Master Practitioner & Trainer
  39. EMO Practitioner & Trainer
  40. Modern Energy Tapping Professional & Trainer
  41. Modern Energy Coach & Trainer
  42. Modern Energy Dating Coach & Trainer
  43. The Energy Course Trainer
  44. Modern Energy Healer & Trainer
  45. Modern Stress Management Trainer
  46. Modern Stress Foundation Trainer
  47. Money Course Trainer
  48. Positive EFT Practitioner & Trainer
  49. SuperMind Master & Trainer
  50. Modern Energy Trainer
  51. Alaskan Flower Essence Level 3 Training
  52. Floral Acupuncturist Training
  53. Certified QHD Life Cycle Analysis Specialist
  54. Certified Quantum Human Design Coach
  55. Certified Quantum Human Design Family Coach
  56. Certified Quantum Human Design Relationship & Family Analysis Specialist